1967, 1970 – 1972: Exhibited paintings, prints, and drawings in thirty-six professional one-man, group, and open competition shows. Work is included in gallery, museum, and private collections in the United States, Europe, Far East, and the Middle East.

1970 – Present: Major Fine Art Commissions executed for over one hundred eighty churches in Leaded Stained Glass and Faceted Dalle de Verre Glass.

Portfolio includes over 3,000 stained glass windows with a total area in excess of 154,000 square feet of work. Commissions include state capitals, public buildings, churches, synagogues, mausoleums, villas, and the Riyadh Palace.

1972: Youngest artist/studio owner ever elected to Full Active Membership in the Stained Glass Association of America, est. 1903.
All tenure requirements were waived in recognition of work.
Appointed to the Apprentice Training Committee in 1972.

1974: Selected by the Archdiocese of New Orleans for the stained glass restoration of St. Mary’s Assumption Catholic Church (listed in the National Historic Register). This commission remains one of the largest stained glass restoration projects in the United States.

1980: Designed, executed, and installed the first faceted dalle de verre glass commission in the Middle East. Also, the first American artist to execute a direct stained glass commission in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Commissioned directly by HRH Khalid bin Turki bin Abdul Aziz al Saud for the Riyadh Palace. The atrium windows contain one hundred eighteen pieces of glass per square foot of window area.

1998: Completed the commission of one hundred eleven faceted dalle de verre windows for Epiphany Catholic Church, New Orleans, Louisiana. The commission includes seventy-two individual figure windows measuring 3’ x 8’ and 4’ x 11’ and remains the largest collection of life size figure dalle de verre work in the United States.

Portfolio includes full round sculpture (executed in marble, bronze, and wood), as well as bronze and marble relief. Our associate studios in Italy execute the sculpture to our maquettes.

Design Team Leader for National Vietnam Veterans Memorial submittal, and designer of the Louisiana Vietnam Veterans Memorial, New Orleans, Louisiana.

The Last Supper: Intricately carved Calacatta Oro marble base of the main Altar depicting Christ and the Apostles, St. Peter’s Catholic Church, Covington, Louisiana.

The Last Full Measure: Police and Firefighter Memorial sculpture executed in Carrara Marble, 7’-0”, with inscribed black granite sidepieces, Restland Cemetery, Dallas, Texas.

Sacred Heart of Jesus: Weighing 6,500 lbs, this 9’-6” statue was executed in Carrara Marble for the All Saints Mausoleum, Archdiocese of New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Our associate studio in Italy executes our Venetian Smalti Mosaics to our designs. We offer both traditional and positive set mosaics. We have developed special techniques over the years to include mounting up to five feet by nine feet mosaics on an aluminum core panel for both interior and exterior installation. Various materials, including stone, ceramic, and marble, have been utilized to enhance visual effects.

The mosaic subject matter ranges from traditional detailed figure, to Byzantium, to abstract presentations of traditional themes.

All Saints Mausoleum, Archdiocese of New Orleans, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Christ with the Shepherd Child: Venetian Smalti figural mosaic executed in positive set, Baptist Children’s Village, Clinton, Mississippi.

Portfolio includes twenty-three commissions in Venetian Smalti.

Pounds Stained Glass Studio provides sanctuary design and consultation for churches, chapels, and synagogues.

Although many changes resulted from Vatican II, our studio’s ability to work within these guidelines – to provide each church with a sanctuary that reflects the desires of the Parishioners, Priest, and local Ordinate – sets our work apart. Sanctuaries must be within established budgets and designed within their architectural concept to provide a proper and respectful place of worship.

As a Liturgical Designer for Catholic churches, the commissions include St. Ann Catholic Church and National Shrine, Metairie, Louisiana.

Pounds Stained Glass Studio’s portfolio includes major commissions in carved marble altars and furnishings, as well as numerous sanctuaries in wood. Our work also includes cast bronze tabernacles and tabernacle doors, marble and mosaic reredos, and furnishings such as Altar of Repose, Sedalia, Lectern, Presidential Chair, Baptismal Font, Processional Cross, and Altar furnishings.

Acknowledged as the Father of Modern American Scagliola, Milton Pounds of Pounds Stained Glass Studio provides in-house scagliola replication and restoration, as well as research and development, custom design, mold fabrication, project analysis, documentation, and specifications.

Through our studio’s research and development, many new replication and restoration techniques of American Scagliola have evolved. One such example is “Carnegie Marble,” a technique for the replication of weathered and deteriorated exterior marble.

1979 – Present: Major commissions in the Replication and Restoration of Scagliola include the Mississippi State House, Cathedral of St. Helena (Helena, Montana), Ohio State House Senate Building, Whitney Bank of New Orleans, and the Columbus Metropolitan Library (Columbus, Ohio).

1988: Selected as speaker on Scagliola for The Interiors Conference for Historic Building. This first international conference was held in Philadelphia and sponsored by the United States Department of Interior, National Trust for Historic Preservation, American Institute of Architects, et al.

Design and preservation consultant for major projects including the City Post Office, Washington, D.C.

1999: Elected to the National Trust for Historic Preservation