In the Tuscany Gallery, we will be offering artwork from the Tuscany region of Italy. All of the work will be original and hand made by master carvers, mosaicists, and artisans from Carrara to Pietrasanta.

We offer traditional Italian baroque angels carved from Carrara marble blocks quarried in the mountains of Carrara, Italy – a valley famous for its marble blocks used by Michelangelo for the Pieta and every major work including the David. These hand carved sculptures are created by master stone carvers in studios walled by the Apuan Alps to the east and the Ligurian Seato to the west.

The first photo is of a completed sculpture in marble, while the rest of the photos are of the plaster models from which marble sculptures are carved to specific sizes.

Each statue is commissioned work. Please contact us as to the size desired, so that we might prepare a cost and delivery date.